We are proud to offer a wide range of funeral services that combine quality and value.  Here, every family may select a service that is both dignified and affordable.  Of course, we are completely familiar with the customs and traditions of all ethnic and religious groups.

     One of the cornerstones of our 40-year tradition of service is the belief that caring and compassion extend well beyond the actual funeral.  That is why you can be assured that we will take care of every detail, and provide you with the professional, personal service you deserve at the most sensible price.

     You may choose from a wide variety of services and options that will personalize the funeral to appropriately commemorate and memorialize the person who has died.  Photographs, a special song, even a favorite tie or golf clubs, can be incorporated into the funeral service to make it more meaningful.  You tell us what it is that made your loved one so special and we'll give you ideas for personalizing the service.  These can include:

  • Extensive personalization options, including memory boards and memory tables
  • Videotaping, recording and photography services
  • Arrangements for military honors
  • Other services we provide include:
  • Graveside service with interment
  • Cremation, with or without memorial services
  • Private family gathering
  • Visitations at the funeral home, church, or other location
  • Bereavement and counseling resources
  • Preplanning services, with or without prepayment

     We will make every effort to arrange a service that is most appropriate for you and your family.  Ask us about the many choices we offer to accommodate every religion and ethnic tradition, preference, and budget.

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